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Taxpayer Charter

The Taxpayer Charter

The Charter sets out the way we will conduct ourselves when dealing with you. It will help you understand:

  • Your rights as a taxpayer
  • Your important tax obligations
  • The service and other standards you can expect from us, and
  • What you can do if you’re dissatisfied with our decisions, actions or services, or you want to lodge a complaint.

It is for everyone who deals with us on Income Tax, Sales Tax (VAT), Customs, Excise and other laws we administer.

Your Rights

You have the right:

  • To be presumed honest and compliant
  • To be treated fairly with your legal rights and freedoms fully respected
  • To have access to professional services and assistance from us and for us to give you information that you can rely on
  • To expect us to explain to you the decisions we make about your tax affairs
  • To appeal or seek a review
  • To be represented and advised
  • To entitlements, deductions, allowances and refunds
  • To minimize your tax liability within the bounds of the law
  • To have overpayments of tax or duties refunded to you within 45 days
  • To request a payment plan
  • To have access to your information
  • To preserve privileged communications from disclosure
  • To have privacy, confidentiality and for trade secrets to be safeguarded
  • To complain and to expect that your views will be heard and addressed
  • To expect us to administer taxes and duties in ways that minimize compliance costs.

Your taxation obligations

In return we expect you:

  • To be honest in all your dealings with us
  • To maintain the records required by law
  • To be accurate and take reasonable care in preparing all documents you submit to us and in choosing those who act for you
  • To register immediately when starting in business and to notify us promptly of relevant changes of circumstances
  • To lodge returns or other information by the due date
  • To notify us of any mistakes promptly
  • To disclose non-privileged documentation
  • To cooperate fully with us
  • To be aware of your personal responsibility
  • To pay your taxes and duties on time
  • To be aware of liability for penalties and interest.


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