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Business Consultative Committe


The SRA is committed to consulting with commercial stakeholders in Swaziland on its strategies, policies, operational programs and administrative procedures that govern and affect Swaziland's commercial trade. The purpose of these consultations, in general terms, is to promote mutually beneficial collaboration between the Authority and the commercial trade community on border and tax administration matters to the benefit of Swaziland, the Swazi economy and Swaziland's trade sector. To this end, the SRA established the Business Consultative Committee (BCC) with a mandate, membership and procedures as described below. The BCC provides a mechanism for representatives of business to discuss operational aspects of the tax and customs system with the Swaziland Revenue Authority.


1. The role of the BCC is to foster a stronger relationship and greater understanding between businesses and the Swaziland Revenue Authority,  taking a strategic-level view and aiming to improve the:  

  •  administration of the tax system
  • implementation of Government policy-on tax related issues.
  • understanding of the commercial environment
  • awareness of the concerns of business
  • Formulation and review of the tax planning on ongoing basis.

2. The BCC will consider cross-cutting tax and customs issues, and provide a forum for discussion on strategic issues, focusing on administration and operational policy. 

Framework / Membership

The BCC comprises a number of members drawn from businesses (maximum ten) including some nominated by the FSE&CC, Swaziland  Institute of Accountants, Law Society, SIPA, SEDCO, Swaziland Commercial Amadoda and FESBC. The Commissioner General chairs the BCC and his office provides secretariat support to the Committee.  Other SRA attendees will are:

  • All Commissioners
  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Other SRA Directors and professional advisers will be invited to attend as and when a need arises.


The BCC meets on a quarterly basis or may meet more frequently should circumstances dictate. As part of the its obligation to foster open communications, the Committee is expected to meet with  respective  business representatives, associations and any  relevant stakeholders  in separate  executive  sessions to discuss any matters  that the Committee or each  of the smaller working groups believe should  be discussed privately.

Reporting and Outputs 

The  Chairperson of the BCC  is expected to account to the relevant authority (Minister  for  Finance) for activities  undertaken by the Committee and make recommendations to the Minister  concerning  the adoption  of any  matters arising from the forum. Minutes of each meeting of the BCC will be published on the SRA website.

Performance Measures

All issues that arise from the BCC are meant to be progressed or dealt with within three months of being raised; exceptions are fully reported at the next BCC meeting.

Minutes of previous meetings

1. February 21, 2013

2. November 21, 2013

3. February 20, 2014


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